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Fermenting Dreams

The Process

The Winery is run with the aim of creating beverages of the highest quality while retaining their purity in terms of fruit or flower or honey. For this, all ingredients are handpicked and undergo a carefully designed production process to retain their natural character.

When the produce reaches the Winery, it is cleaned thoroughly and compartmentalized into various segments. The fruits are crushed and cold press to obtain fresh fruit juice or fruit pulp. They are then taken through the pivotal process of fermentation which involves steel tanks and precision cooling. Once fermented, the products are filtered and bottled.

To make the delicate dessert mead, honey is procured and filtered. It is then incorporated with juice or water, depending on the nature of its composition. If it contains a blend of fruits or flowers, it is blended with juice; if it is composed of pure honey, it is blended in water. After this, the product goes through the process of fermentation. This is facilitated using steel tanks or barrels, based on the ingredients used. Once fermented, the meads are clarified and bottled.


Through the entire process, the ingredients maintain their natural character and impart a rich, unified flavour to the final product.