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Farm to Bottle
Our Promise

Farm to Bottle
Our Promise

Farm to Bottle
Our Promise

It All Began Here

Hill Zill, a boutique Winery & Resort, lies against the scenic backdrop of Sahyadri Mountain Range in Bordi, Maharashtra. It was established in 1985 with the dream of transforming it into a hospitality icon in the Konkan Region.


Today, it stands as a top attraction in the area and receives visitors from all across the globe. It is frequented by alco-beverage enthusiasts who visit the Resort to marvel at its state of the art Winery which houses four sub brands – Fruzzanté, Bear, Arkä, and Mel’O’Mel. The Winery operates tours across the year and offers a chance for guests to taste these beverages for themselves.

Made With Love


Arkä, meaning extract in Sanskrit, takes a natural journey before it is presented in the commercial bottles. It begins when bees extract nectar from flowers and turn it into the magical potion of Honey. This honey is then fermented and presented as Mead, a drink which has been mentioned in ancient scriptures dating back to 100 BC. Wildflower Honey, Rose, and Jamun Berries are integrated into this ancient concoction to present to you a dessert mead called Arkä.


Fruzzanté is adapted from the Italian word, ‘Frizzanté’, which means to sparkle. It offers a range of sparkling alcoholic beverages with 6% alcohol, 100% fruit, and a farm to bottle promise. Our aim is to make this drink inclusive to everyone. This is why we have taken special care to ensure all drinks are gluten free, vegan, and made with no added colour / flavour. Each bottle is crafted using locally sourced fruits such as Chikoo, Strawberry, Mango, Star Fruit, Pineapple, and Orange.

Behind the Scene

The Winery is run with the aim of creating beverages of the highest quality while retaining their purity in terms of fruit or flower or honey. For this, all ingredients are handpicked and undergo a carefully designed production process to retain their natural character.


Straight From Farms

Locally Grown
Quality Fruits

Handcrafted Recipes

Happiness Served

We are inviting you to experience it

We conduct winery tours around the year. These specially curated tours are
available in English, Hindi and Marathi for ease of all guests. The winery
tour will take you through a journey from our farms right into the winery
where one can experience our idea of a farm to bottle product. Taste our
estate bottled Fruzzante Mango or just explore all of them. To book your
winery tour contact us. Please note due to Covid-19 restrictions our winery
tours and not operational currently. We shall update the same once we are
open to visitors.

Loved By Many

Client Photo
Ms. Priyal Kamdar Blogger, Mumbai

They serve the best and every unique sparkling alcoholic beverage i.e Fruzzanté! They have it in many varietiants and the best part is that it's made out from 100% fruit produce. Fruzzanté is India's first 100% fruit based sparkling alcoholic beverage with 6% abv. It's vegan, all natural no added artificial flavor. They believe in supporting the locals❤️ Strawberry fruzzanté has to be my personal favorite Totally recommend this😍​

Client Photo
Monika Fernandes Vasai

I tasted Fruzzante by chance. It was gifted to my husband by the owners when he was ferrying a relative to meet the owners who was his friend. Back home we tasted it and I liked it. I can term it as a ladies wine coz women and specially Indians like fruity flavour and mild. It is just like the wine I have tasted abroad and I am proud of you to manufacture such a product at home. Kudos to you guys.

Client Photo
Pratik Patil Biker, Mumbai

These are made of 100% fruit juice and 6% alc. Only Premium quality fruits are sourced directly from prominent growing regions which helps regional agro-economy and prove beneficial to the farmers. No added sugar. It's gluten free and vegan. Definitely a new category of Sparkling Alcoholic Beverage. And also they have four-pack packaging. I personally tried their Mango Pineapple and Strawberry. Usually I dont like pineapple much but fruzzanté have changed my mind all three flavours were so good.